Friday, June 26, 2009

Follow-Up Note on BCS

Quick note from yesterday’s comments page. I’m not going to make a habit of responding to people’s posts because as far as I’m concerned that should be the reader’s forum to say whatever they want to say—short of profanity of course. That’s my bailywick but only on radio.

If you saw a comment from “John’s Friend,” on the BCS you should be aware of who my friend is: He’s Bill Hancock, one of the very best people I know, a truly wonderful man. As luck would have it, Bill is also the spokesman for—you guessed it—The BCS. Thus, it is his job to defend the indefensible. He’s too good a person to try the ridiculous, “it would affect our academic calendar,” route the Oregon President tried the other day so he went the, “most meaningful regular season in sports,” route.

Bill—please. You don’t think college hoops has a meaningful regular season when every single game the last three weeks is analyzed for its meaning in regard to seeding, to bubble teams, to who is in and who is out? There’s nothing like it. It would be the same with a football tournament. But I know you are paid to find a way to defend these guys so I forgive you and our next meal is on me. Unless you bring David Frohnmayer with you.

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Chip said...

The best comment section in any blog I read is greatly enhanced by the participation of the blog's author. It keeps the commenters on their best behavior and makes us feel like we are part of a conversation. Just a thought...