Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great News!!

This morning, we talked to John from his hospital bed at the Washington (DC) Hospital Center. It was our first conversation with him since Sunday. His voice sounds stronger than we anticipated and he says, other than some chest soreness, he feels pretty good; though he does tire easily. The end result was open heart surgery and there were seven blockages they had to address.

Thanks to his swimming regimen, he had no real symptoms prior to the stress test and, even after that, felt fine. So, the annual checkup was the key to his prognosis. We urge all of you to think about scheduling same if you fit the profile or just ask your Doctor.

He has been up walking around in order to keep any chest congestion clear; which is always a concern in any post-operative care. If at the end of today the chest x-ray looks good, he will be on the way home early evening. He has not been to this site since Sunday and told us to thank all of you again for your comments. He is looking forward to reading all of them over the long weekend. If there are any new developments over the weekend, we will post them here. Otherwise, look for something fresh in this space on Monday. From all of us at FOTB, we wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend.

------------“Feinstein on the Brink” Staff


BB said...


Glad to hear you're enjoying steady progress ... the West Point community sends its well-wishes.

Mason fan said...

So glad to hear the good news!

a fan said...

Happy to hear you are on the mend. Enjoying your latest book right now.

UW fan said...

JOhn...I listen to your weekly segment with the Gas Man up here in Seattle..I'm surprised you'd agree to go on with that hack, but good listening none the less..I really do though wish you the best in your health..

eGolf said...

We are following your progress daily and wish you the very best. Your involvement with our tour means so much to us..Get well soon, friend.

Wes Jones & David Siegel
eGolf Professional Tour
Charlotte, NC

Anonymous said...

Been a fan for a long time...don't know if I like or dislike your arrogant self.. but love your honesty and curmudgeon style.
The golf and tennis world needs you out there telling it like it is.