Monday, August 31, 2009

John's Monday Washington Post Article...

Here's my column from The Washington Post today, covering the Nats newest, Stephen Strasburg.....

Let's begin today with Stephen Strasburg's opening line to the media after his first 45-minute workout on Sunday as an employee of the Washington Nationals: "I thought I'd get a little bit of peace out here, but you guys are following me everywhere. It's something I guess I gotta deal with. I guess it just goes with the territory."

Yes it does. It goes with the territory when you're the No. 1 pick in the Major League Baseball draft and when you are seen as the potential savior of a woebegone franchise. Athletes with special gifts can expect scrutiny -- sometimes over-the-top scrutiny.

Click here for the full story.......For Stephen Strasburg, the Missing 'Peace'

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