Thursday, June 3, 2010

This week's radio segments (The Sports Reporters, The Gas Man)

Yesterday I joined The Sports Reporters' Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin in the normal timeslot (5:25 ET on Wednesday's). Click the permalink, then the link below, to listen to the segment from this week.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Sports Reporters


Also, I joined The Gas Man show on Wednesday evening in my normal 8:25 PT spot. Coming on just after the news of Ken Griffey Jr.'s retirement announcement, we discussed his career and achievements in an in-depth manner. Also, while the segment ended, we both watched the imperfect game end.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Gas Man

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steve marascia said...

John...Enjoy your wedding this weekend, I wish you all the best.

Steve M