Monday, March 7, 2011

This week's AP basketball ballot

As I've done throughout the season, here is my ballot turned in for this week's vote:

1)      Ohio St.
2)      Kansas
3)      Pittsburgh
4)      Notre Dame
5)      North Carolina
6)      San Diego St.
7)      Duke
8)      Texas
9)      Florida
10)  Purdue
11)  Xavier
12)  BYU
13)  Louisville
14)  Wisconsin
15)  Temple
16)  Syracuse
17)  Kentucky
18)  Arizona
19)  Butler
20)  Gonzaga
21)  St. John's
22)  Kansas St.
23)  Utah St.
24)  George Mason
25)  Harvard

1 comment:

Kent Ashley said...

I read your article in today's Washington Post about VT getting in the tourney and BC being left out. I have seen several people with the same opinion. How can VT jump BC when: BC beat them twice head to head, has a better RPI, has a much stronger strength of schedule, and finished ahead of them in the regular season ACC standings? Are we rewarding Seth being a cry baby rather than requiring him to actually schedule games other than USC Upstate and Longwood and I don't know, maybe actually beat someone of some stature outside the conference? Love you on Mr. Tony's show so I await your answer.