Monday, September 12, 2011

Washington Post column: Go time for FSU -- and ACC

Here is the most recent story for The Washington Post, on ACC football ----------

Years ago there was an episode of “Seinfeld,” in which Lloyd Bridges played an 80-year-old man who kept trying to prove to Jerry how strong he was. Every time Bridges was about to perform a feat of strength he would slap his hands together, glare at Jerry and say, “It’s go time!”

Then, the instant he made his first move on the object in question, he would let out a cry of pain and scream, “Somebody call an ambulance!”

For the longest time now that has been ACC football.
Every August the unofficial slogan for the league has been, “It’s go time!” Then September comes along and the first thing you hear is, “Somebody call the Military Bowl!” Or The Chick-fil-a Bowl or any other meaningless, second-tier bowl that is the ACC’s annual version of an ambulance. Take your pick.

Well, here we go again.

This coming Saturday is go time 2011 for the ACC. Florida State, allegedly ready to reclaim past glory, hosts top-ranked Oklahoma, a team it lost to 47-17 a year ago in its “go-time” moment of a 10-4 season that was supposedly the beginning of a renaissance under new Coach Jimbo Fisher.

The Seminoles’ fall during the latter years of the Bobby Bowden era was precipitous. From 1987 through 2000, they were college football’s most consistent program (aided, no doubt by playing in a very mediocre ACC most of those years), winning at least 10 games for 14 straight seasons while compiling a record of 152-19-1. In the nine seasons after that, they became a “true” ACC team with an overall record of 74-42 and one 10-win season.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget another prime example of failing in "go time," Notre Dame. Kelly is fast becoming one of easiest coaches to root against. Constant yelling, anger, whining about scheduling and excuse making about losses.

If they lose this weekend to Sparty, watch out.

Anonymous said...

John - did you see Charlie Pierce apparently sold out, and is going to write for Grantland? Have you ever sold your soul like that for the paycheck?

Gordon said...

It's easy to discount ACC Football. Actually it's required. Because the ACC is a basketball conference. As is the Big East. Duke, Carolina, Wake, Maryland et al are great basketball schools primarily because of their size. It's impossible for schools the size of the aforementioned to recruit top football talent. In regard to both sports Maryland is as good as it gets Competitive in both sports dominant in neither.

The ACC HAS football the SEC and others PLAY football.

It is almost impossible to excel in both. No one goes to Duke to play football. Watching is difficult enough! But every top basketball recruit wants to play there. Same with the rest of the ACC. It's neither good nor bad it is just the way it is.

When you identify schools that are ranked in both football and basketball who do you find. LSU, Ohio State, Florida and others. The fact that they lead the nation in NCAA sanctions, a joke in and of itself, is no coincidence.

Why FSU is still in the ACC is a mystery. With the advent of the super conferences I'm sure there days are numbered. With Texas AM going to the SEC and the SEC having an odd number of teams FSU and the Florida/FSU rivelary is a perfect match. The ACC, in football, needs FSU far more than FSU needs the ACC and FSU knows it.

The real "go time" for the ACC begins in January when conference play begins in earnest in basketball.

JFeinstein JR said...

You mentioned in your last column you wouldn't bash ESPN....well then, let me. Turned on their football broadcasts during the past week & their big game announcers never shut up...its like watching a 3 hr session of SportsCenter.

The Monday Nite NFL football crew is insufferable & now they put Trent Dilfer in the 2nd NFL broadcast booth...& he never shuts up!! Both broadcast crews hype every play, player, & coaching staff as though they were the best thing since Vince Lombardi. It gets so monotonous. Once Keith Jackson said, " the key to being a good announcer is knowing when to shut-up"...a credo never considered by most ESPN broadcasters.

However, I did find a nice solution for the ESPN broadcasters running of the mouth problem. Turn off the tv game audio & listen to some good has dramatically reduced my yelling at the tv announcers & listening to their continuos bloviating.

J. Feinstein JR-no relation