Monday, September 21, 2009

John is on the Radio as Guest Host of the Jim Rome Show Today

I will be guest hosting the Rome Show today, so if you get a few minutes, you should check it out. It should be a lot of fun – guests include Joe Buck and Bob Watson, live from 9-12am PT.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Feinstein,

Read with great interest your baseball on the radio piece. I started as a batboy for ASU in 1967, Reggie, Monday, Bando et al, and was a student during the Bonds/Horner era. My career as a walk on catcher lasted a day. My pop got his PHD at USC and started at ASU in 1963. As we were San Diegans our summers were spent there to flee the heat and evenings were spent around the transistor on the patio flipping back and forth between Padres and Dodger games. I am listening to you on the Rome Show on that very radio. Vin Scully can still bring me to tears. Please mount a campaign to rip columbus day fron that loser rapist and give it to a true american hero, Vin.

Joe's Foster Dogs said...

First time hearer...enjoyed the more mature (that's a compliment) attitude and intelligence today. I like the other guest hosts, but you didn't try to be a comedian. I liked the stories about the sister--totally off the wall for me and unexpected. I kept wondering when sports were going to be tied in.

Your blog however does not look quite like you described. I was looking for more stories. Just wondering.

Anthony said...

The reason why Neil Patrick Harris was also called for the Tony awards is that in addition to his tv career, he also does stage and Broadway shows/ musicals.

The creative short form Emmy that Joss Whedon got last night was for a web comedy musical short that Neil starred in as well.

Just because an actor does a lot of work in one area, or well known for one role, it doesn't mean that's the only thing they do. Some people might think that Mattheew Broderick would be a strange choice for a Tony host if all they think of is Ferris Beuller, War Games, etc. and aren't familiar with his stage and musical work.

Scott said...


I listened with great interest your interview with Tom Watson this morning. I also lost a close friend to ALS. I read an article this morning about a company that is working on this horrible disease and was wondering if they are associated with your foundation. The company was called Neuralstem (


dcsooner said...


Radio may or may not be a good medium for you. However, I enjoyed your conversation with Tom Watson today while your subbing for Jim Rome. I delayed a restroom visit until it was over.

You've clearly learned at the knee of your departed impresario father how to promote. And that ain't a bad thing, but it takes familiarity to like it.

Best wishes to your health and needling Kornheiser for great radio.

I dunno what the likes of you and TK can do to save the print WaPo, but I hope my 2 year old will learn to make it part of his daily routine.

Dylan said...

Always a pleasure listening to you fill in for Jim. I have been checking the blog from time to time and really enjoy the reading (while seldom commenting).

Also, I can't wait for my sons to be old enough to read your YA books. Keep it up and best wishes to you and your family. Still laugh when Jim plays the Bridget clip!

Anonymous said...

Good job buddy!