Monday, November 16, 2009

John's Monday Washington Post Column:

Here is this week's Washington Post column, on the college football season ----

Barring something unforeseen, college football's so-called national championship game is going to match Texas against the winner of the SEC championship game between Alabama and Florida.

This is an outcome that has seemed pre-ordained since August. Those three teams have been at the top of the polls all season, and even if some SEC coaches think the Gators and Crimson Tide have received some timely officiating help, all three remain undefeated. Next week, Florida plays Florida International, and Alabama plays Chattanooga. Seriously. Texas plays a real team -- Kansas -- but the Jayhawks are spiraling and will be fortunate to lose by anything less than three touchdowns.

Three other teams are currently undefeated: TCU, Cincinnati and Boise State. None has any chance to compete for the national championship unless Texas stumbles in the next three weeks or Alabama or Florida somehow lose their regular season finales against Auburn and Florida State, respectively.

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Anonymous said...


Always enjoy your thoughts, but I think those who can only focus on the national championship don't get college football and what it is about. The obsesssion with a playoff (and I even have some sympathy for that) and the crowning of a national champion overlooks so much else. I went to the Georgia-Auburn game on Saturday. You had two mediocre teams, on of which (UGA) is having a very disappointing season, the other of which is pleased with its improvement from a dismal 2008. With all that, there were 92,000+ passionate fans, thousands of tail-gaters on a gorgeous fall day, and a very entertaining game that was extremely hard fought and competitive until the last whistle blew. It was what college football is all about -- and that's coming from a die-hard Dawg fan who hates the season we are having. We need to get the national chanmpionship right, but we can't let that be all that college football is about.