Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This week's Washington Post column - Seth and Brad Greenberg; AP Top 25 ballot

Here is this week's column from The Washington Post ----------

About two hours after Brad Greenberg's Radford basketball team lost to Winthrop in the semifinals of the Big South basketball tournament on Thursday night, his phone rang.

"You guys couldn't make a shot," Virginia Tech Coach Seth Greenberg told his big brother. "Tough to win -- even if you play good defense -- if you can't shoot."

The two brothers talked for a while about their mom and their families, and then -- inevitably -- more basketball.

"The difference between Brad and me is when he loses I wait a couple hours and call and he's fine," Seth Greenberg said. "When I lose he just texts me. Then he calls me the next day."

Brad and Seth Greenberg have been bonded as brothers and as basketball lifers since they were kids growing up on Long Island. Brad, who is 55, was a star at John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview, N.Y. Seth, two years younger, was his back-court mate when he was a sophomore and Brad was a senior.
"I was his inbounder," Seth said. "He did the rest."

"I would give him the ball back to dribble for a while if I got tired," Brad said. "Of course, I never got tired of shooting."

Almost 40 years later, they coach 15 miles down the road from each other: Seth in the Big Time -- the ACC -- Brad in the Big South. Brad has climbed the basketball mountain -- he was the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers and drafted Allen Iverson in 1996 -- and is now happy and comfortable coaching in a one-bid conference far from the bright lights of the NBA or, for that matter, the ACC.

Click here for the rest of the article: Seth Greenberg, Brad Greenberg maintain brotherly bond


Here is my ballot for this week's Associated Press Top 25 poll:

1) Kansas
2) Kentucky
3) Syracuse
4) Ohio State
5) Purdue
6) Duke
7) West Virginia
8) New Mexico
9) Butler
10) Temple
11) Michigan State
12) Villanova
13) Maryland
14) Pittsburgh
15) BYU
16) Kansas State
17) Tennessee
18) Baylor
19) Wisconsin
20) Northern Iowa
21) Texas A&M
22) Richmond
23) Xavier
24) Cornell
25) Siena


Bobby O'Shea said...


No Vanderbilt your top 25? I get that an SEC team might not be as gallant as an Ivy, MAAC, or an MVC, but it seems like a glaring omission from this Commodore homer.

Ricky said...

Why do you continue to make up a story on your radio show that Georgetown did not make the BET in 2004. Bashing is one thing, making up idiotic facts is another.

Kevin said...

John - I understand Georgetown is an up and down team ... but not in your top 25? Really?