Thursday, March 25, 2010

This week's radio segments (The Sports Reporters, Tony Kornheiser Show)

On Wednesday I joined The Sports Reporters' Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin in the normal timeslot (5:25 ET on Wednesday's). Click the permalink, then the link below, to listen to the segment that focused on the NCAA Tournament, Maryland basketball as well as college basketball in general.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Sports Reporters


I also made my regular appearance on the newest The Tony Kornheiser Show on Thursday morning. We talked about a topic on Tony's mind -- the Kentucky vs. Cornell matchup -- and the coverage around it,

Click here to listen to the segment (starts at 26:15 mark): Tony Kornheiser Show


Vince Spence said...


Once again, you have entered an area where you zero knowledge. Not a little. Not some knowledge. Zero. None. Nada. Bupkis.

You say, "He stopped because he got caught". So what? One might stop drugs because he OD'ed. One might quit smoking because he cannot walk up steps. You quit drinking because your family tossed you out. It is called hitting a bottom. Before hitting bottom, some people have already tried to quit their addiction, many have not, and were unable to because they needed help and needed to change their behavior.

The amount of change necessary to overcome addiction is different for all people. Almost all change is of the educational variety, NOT a burning bush enlightenment. And, it never occurs overnight or in 3-4 months. By disrespecting Tiger's efforts at recovery and his road to change, you are disrespecting me as an alcoholic with fifteen years sober, millions of AA participants worldwide and many millions of people suffering from all other psychological addictions.

No one cares if you like Tiger or ever liked Tiger. But, if you do not have a clue what he is experiencing, MOVE ON, like Arnold Palmer says. Just move on, John, move on...

Please do not respond to this comment. It might set a bad precedent where people may think you actually read them.

Anonymous said...

Spence...You are just a worm. Your dislike of Feinstein and insane jealousy is amusing. That piece of sh-- thing you call a column is a joke as are you. To play the "I am an alcoholic" card here to mask your
disdain for Feinstien is laughable. Go crawl back into your one -eyed hole, Loser.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second, did I miss Tiger an alcoholic, or drug addict? Or did he just like having girls travel and meet him on the road?

Vince Spence said...

If 'insane jealousy' is defined as disagreeing with 5% of what John writes, I plead guilty as charged. I only have 3-4 sports journalists I watch or read regularly, and John, Kornheiser and Wilbon are three of them.

John won't let this go, which is fine. He dislikes Tiger, which is fine. He has no clue what the man is going through, which is fine also, but do not write that Tiger has not changed when you have no clue how much or little he has changed. Forget me, but John has shown he has no clue about recovery from addiction and should therefore either stop writing about it or do some research about it first.

If you think my blog stinks now (and I have admitted it does all along), you should have seen it this time last year when I wrote my very first article/column in my sixty-years on the planet. It amazes me I put my real name on it and my city and state are easily found on my blog also. It's easy to call people names anonymously. Not too classy, but easy...

Josh in Greensboro said...

I don't know you, but I can tell people walk away from rolling their eyes quite often.

Do somebody need a pat on the back for being sober??? (insert pouty face)

Listen, I'm happy for you and your sobriety, obviously you found the bottom and have fought to overcome addiction. But stay off the soap box here. And please don't liken John's 'disrespecting' comments of Tiger to disrespecting the millions of addicts across the world...blah blah blah.

You're a dope, addict or not.

--I walking away now as I roll my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Vince: I am a friend of John's and you should do your research before calling someone else out in a board like this one. He has had experience in his family with addiction many years ago and is very well-versed on the subject. Otherwise, you are entitled to your opinions, even if I disagree.