Thursday, September 30, 2010

*Updated* This week's radio segments (Tony Kornheiser Show, The Sports Reporters, The Gas Man)

Wednesday I joined The Sports Reporters in the normal timeslot (5:25 ET on Wednesday's). Click the permalink, then the link below, to listen to the segment from this week. Among the topics discussed was my new young reader's book released earlier this week that was set around the Army-Navy game along the viability of a non-fiction book on the Ryder Cup. After the book talk, we talked a great deal the Ryder Cup -- from matchups, to history to sportsmanship potential.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Sports Reporters


I also joined The Gas Man in the normal 8:25ET timeslot on Wednesday. This week we discussed the 5th book in the young reader's series that was released before moving onto more talk surrounding what's going on in sports this week.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Gas Man


This week we switched my weekly appearance on the Tony Kornheiser Show to Wednesday, and it was another normal great discussion. Before the fireworks began we talked briefly about Tony picking up the check for dinner and my new young reader's book. After that, we spent the majority of the time discussing college football and the BCS -- you know my position, and Tony is a BCS apologist.

Click here to listen to the segment (my segment begins at the 14:30 mark): The Tony Kornheiser Show

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