Monday, September 13, 2010

Washington Post: ACC football: Six years after league's expansion, its shadow grows no longer

It may not have appeared that way, but there was good news for ACC fans Saturday.

Now that the football season has ended early, they can focus on the fall sport that actually matters to them: basketball recruiting.

Remember all that talk this summer about how this was going to be the year when the fruits of the ill-fated football expansion finally began to pay dividends? Five ACC teams appeared in the pre-season polls. What's more, the first two weeks of the season would present multiple opportunities to make some serious noise against highly ranked teams. So how have things worked out?

Virginia Tech's virtual home game against Boise State? Loss.

North Carolina against LSU in Atlanta? Loss.

Miami's visit to Ohio State? Loss.

Florida State's trip to Oklahoma? Loss.

Virginia at USC? Loss.

Five potential statement games. Five losses.

Of course, those were not the worst results of the first two weeks for the Already Can't Compete league. Defending champion Georgia Tech went to Kansas to play a team coming off a loss to division I-AA North Dakota State, a team booed by its own fans during that 6-3 loss.

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Momus said...

Did you see the look on Nick Saban's face when he shook hands with Joe Paterno at midfield after the game? Paterno had the audacity to try and say a few congratulatory words to Saban. From where I sat, the look on Saban's face screamed "Why the hell do I have to spend an extra 15 seconds with this guy. I won, you lost, move on. I need to go and get ready for Duke next week, and you're taking up my time with this post-game BS."

Anonymous said...

Maryland? Check.
Navy? Check.
Virginia? Check.
Virginia Tech? Check.
Georgetown? .....

Once again, John, your are unequivocally demonstrating your well-documented anti-Georgetown University bias by neglecting to mention that the Hoyas are now 2-0 after going winless last year. I thought you would at least give the team a shout-out with their first Patriot League (YOUR favorite conference) victory since 2007.

Mark b said...

The decision to invite Boston College into the ACC was particularly egregious, since the school (and area in general) has no affinity for the rest of the ACC.

Just out of curiousity, do you think that if Navy, in the years immediately prior to when the ACC decided to expand, had been enjoying the type of sustained football success that it now has (instead of being one of the worst 1A teams around), that there might have been some consideration by the ACC to add Navy instead of BC? It would have made sense geographically, and would have given Maryland a natural rival and travel partner.

Tim said...

Hey, maybe Wake goes into Stanford and beats that Harbaugh this weekend, or Clemson goes in to beat Auburn!

Yeah, I know, wishful thinking.