Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This week’s AP Basketball Poll ballot:

Like last year, I’ll start posting my AP ballot weekly. As always, discussion and comments are welcome. Here is my top 25 for week 3 ----

1) Michigan St.
2) Kansas St.
3) Duke
4) Pittsburgh
5) Ohio St.
6) Kansas
7) Villanova
8) Temple
9) Syracuse
10) Kentucky 
11) Missouri 
12) Baylor
13) Purdue
14) Washington
15) San Diego St.
16) Texas
17) BYU
18) Illinois
19) Memphis
20) Georgetown
21) Minnesota
22) Saint Mary's, Calif.
23) Gonzaga
24) Louisville
25) VMI


Tony said...

VMI? Gotta ask why?

Anonymous said...

OK John -- roll out the refresher lesson about how you vote your #25 team. Keydets everywhere thank you for your vote! Not many teams can outrun VMI for 40 minutes. -- from Roanoke, VA

Anonymous said...

By next week's poll, some early season shuffling will have gone on, it will be interesting to see how it compares week to week. Tonight's Duke-Kansas State matchup (and essentially home game for KSU) should be a great test for both programs. Kentucky, Washington and Mich State all in Maui.

Glad to see you dropped UNC, and UCONN is nowhere to be found. That said, I figured Minnie would be higher, with WVU maybe in there somewhere.

Mike Curry said...

"Your" Hoosiers are 4-0. Throw us a bone at #25!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Indiana, if they go on to have a pretty decent season, including NCAA birth, is their a better season for a coaching family in history? The Harbaugh/Crean tree is doing some amazing things. They are putting the Bowden's and Stoops's to shame.

HenryFTP said...

There goes Feinstein, flaunting his notorious anti-Georgetown, pro-Maryland biases again, dissing the Hoyas and overpromoting the Terps by placing them -- oh wait . . .

PeteWill said...

Have to laugh. It's Wednesday AM and after last night's results it pretty clear your ballot will look a little different next week!

Stewart said...

Kyrie Irving...enough said. Hopefully they can keep it together. If Duke gets by Oregon maybe they can climb to #1 in your poll. Please don't try to be like Bilas and pick against Duke any chance you can. Love your books.

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