Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 4 AP Basketball Poll vote

After the holiday week games, there are obviously some changes. Here is how I voted this week - opinions are welcome:

1)                  Duke
2)                  Ohio St.
3)                  Pittsburgh
4)                  Kansas
5)                  Connecticut
6)                  Michigan St.
7)                  Kansas St.
8)                  Syracuse
9)                  Tennessee
10)              Missouri
11)              Georgetown
12)              Baylor
13)              Memphis
14)              Minnesota
15)              San Diego St.
16)              Kentucky
17)              Illinois
18)              BYU
19)              Texas
20)              Villanova
21)              Notre Dame
22)              Louisville
23)              Florida
24)              Va. Commonwealth
25)              Richmond


Anonymous said...

A sad commentary on the Pac-10, but maybe UW will sneak back in there soon?

Tim said...

Now that the Big East is adding a 17th basketball member (and rumored to get 18th in Central Florida, or someone similar) in TCU how in the world will you ever be able to get a read on those teams? On a year like this year, with UCONN, Pitt and others doing well in 'preseason' tournies its doable, but in normal years maybe not so much. It was already the mockery of a true conference, but now its absurd. They are almost as large as the NHL.

Bob Hammell said...

Now that Greenspan is gone, IU needs expert guidance in hiring its new fball coach. Any ideas?

Tim said...

I don't have too many complaints on your poll, or the overall poll. But UCONN has done as much or more than everyone, so its interesting they aren't at least #2.

Also, big win by UVA last night, and GT has certainly turned it around since losing to Kennesaw State, so maybe the ACC will be slightly deeper than it looked 2 weeks ago. That said, I hope UNC stays down - they are so easy to root against (or really, its just their fans).

Ricky Brunson said...

Would like to see you do the right thing and put Georgetown at #5 this week...