Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update II - John's Radio Segments (The Sports Reporters, Tony Kornheiser Show AND The Gas Man Show):

Today, I made an afternoon appearance on 'The Sports Reporters' with Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin in my regular spot (5:25 ET on Wednesday's). Click the permalink, then the link below, to listen to the segment on various topics including the Redskins QB situation, the Anthony Kim story, Rush Limbaugh and Maryland basketball, where practice starts this weekend.

Click here to listen to Wednesday afternoon's podcast: The Sports Reporters

Thursday morning I made my regular appearance on the newest Tony Kornheiser Show, and today we talked a great deal about Anthony Kim and late nights on the PGA Tour and the situation of the basketball team at Tony's alma mater, the Binghamton Bearcats.

Click here to listen to the radio segment (I'm the 1st guest of this segment): The Tony Kornheiser Show

I make regular appearances on Seattle's The Gas Man Show on Thursday evenings (5:35 PT), and this week we spent a lot of time on sportwriting greats Furman Bisher and the late Shirly Povich, followed by looking back on the week of Limbaugh.

Click here to listen to the radio segment: The Gas Man Show


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your visit to the Sports Reporters studio on Tuesday.
Not sure you'll ever get back in the building but, it was great to hear your comments - The Danny Boy's engraved invitation with non-transferable on the bottom was the best.

Vince Spence said...


John Daly is an alcoholic, NOT a recovering alcoholic, as you mentioned on the radio. If in fact he is not drinking, JUST NOT DRINKING is only a small beginning to recovering from alcoholism.

There are various ways to begin recovery. By his own admission, John is not practicing any of them.

Vince Spence said...

John, I don't care if 7,000 members of your immediate circle are alcoholics, YOU know less than zero about this disease.

You do not treat emphysema by hiding cigarette packs and 'just not drinking' is not treatment. If you wish to learn even less about this baffling and insidious disease, ask a medical doctor. That one-hour seminar in med school didn't quite do it for them.

Alcoholics are not bad people trying to get good, they are sick people trying to get better. Cannot happen if you just remain physically sober. Cannot. Will not.