Monday, February 15, 2010

AP Top 25 College Basketball ballot

While individual voter selections for the weekly AP Top 25 College Basketball Poll are published on various sites, they aren't often easy to find. And with it being that the ballots are a hot discussion topic from time to time, I thought I'd share mine here.  We'll attempt to remember to make this a weekly occurrence if it's of interest.

My AP Top 25 ballot (2/15/10 poll)

1 Kansas
2 Kentucky
3 Villanova
4 Purdue
5 Syracuse
6 Duke
7 Kansas State
8 Ohio State
9 West Virginia
10 Gonzaga
11 Michigan State
12 Butler
13 New Mexico
14 Temple
15 Vanderbilt
16 Georgetown
17 BYU
18 Texas
19 Baylor
20 Wisconsin
21 Richmond
22 Pittsburgh
23 Wake Forest
24 Northern Iowa
25 Old Dominion

Click here to see the official AP Top 25 published today:  AP Top 25


Anonymous said...

Interesting picks. I like how you practice what you preach, looking out for the small schools (non-BCS). The A-10 alone has about 5 teams that could be ranked, and are hard to separate. In any case, its such a weird site not to see ANY Pac10 teams on ballots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing. I'm glad to see you haven't overrated Georgetown like so many others.
Rich, Denver

John said...

thanks for publishing it; I find individual ballots more interesting than the aggregated poll. All sorts of double standards apply... A Cornell or a Northern Iowa suffers one loss (albeit a bad one) and vanishes, while West virginia loses twice and remains in the top 10.

Glen said...

The Johnsaid comment is right on - not only is Cornell dropped out of top 25, but watch it get a 14 seed. I've been telling Big Red fans that the team needed to stay in the top 25 for it to have a chance for a decent seed.

Anonymous said...

Richmond and Old Dominion...Georgetown 10 spots below a Duke team it blew out and 13 below a Villanova team it blew out.

As if the world needed more proof that you're a fooking idjit.

Chris Wilson said...

Appreciate your love for my alma mater, Vanderbilt. A definitive Top 20 team that nobody talks about outside the Southeast. Tough week for them this week with Ole Miss and UK on tap.