Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updated -- This week's radio segments (Sports Reporters, Gas Man, Tony Kornheiser Show):

Today I joined The Sports Reporters' Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin in the normal timeslot (5:25 ET on Wednesday's). Click the permalink, then the link below, to listen to the segment. This week we spent a great deal of time talking about the PGA Tour controversy around Mickelson and McCarron and touched on Tom Watson's recent comments on Tiger Woods and his on-course behavior.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Sports Reporters


I also made my regular appearance on The Gas Man at 5:25 PT on Wednesday. In this segment, we spoke spent most of the time talking about college basketball and the NCAA's apparent move to expand the tournament.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Gas Man


On Thursday I joined the newest The Tony Kornheiser Show in my normal Thursday slot (11:05am).  We had the usual banter with maybe just a little extra thrown in, and talked about the 'star-power' in the upcoming Olympics and goings on in the PGA Tour...with too many details on the square groove controversy. 

Click here to listen to the segment (starts within 1st minute): The Tony Kornheiser Show

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