Monday, February 1, 2010

Washington Post Column - 'Don't count ACC basketball out yet in 2010'

Here is this week's column, which ran Sunday, for The Washington Post---------

Dan Bonner has been involved in ACC basketball since 1971, the year he enrolled at Virginia as a gawky, 6-foot-7 forward. He became a solid player for the Cavaliers and has gone on to work as an analyst at CBS, ESPN, Raycom and Fox -- always with a number of ACC games on his schedule every season.

Several years ago, Bonner was working a killer schedule for ESPN. "I was like the referees are now," he said recently. "Different city every night. Monday I'd do a Big 12 game, Tuesday [a Southeastern Conference] game, Wednesday an ACC game and Thursday I could be anywhere. What I remember vividly is whenever I walked into an ACC gym -- it didn't matter who was playing or what place the teams were in -- the place was rocking. Other leagues you had that for big games, but for a lot of games it wasn't so. Now, the ACC is more like the other leagues.

"You go to a game at Boston College, if Duke or North Carolina aren't playing, there are empty seats. The same at Miami and Florida State. A couple of weeks ago I did the Duke at N.C. State game and there were empty seats there. For Duke-N.C. State? How can that happen?"

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Anthony Warren said...

Interesting observations about how ACC expansion helped football but hindered basketball.

There's probably a lesson for the Big Ten to consider before they move to the next phase of their expansion.

Anonymous said...


Love the website.

I can't believe that you don't have serius or xm radio... for 12 bucks a month you get not only a ton of pro and college sports, you get opera, jazz, a million rock stations (some by decade!) and if you get it for your car, you'll never want for something to listen to... even cnn, cspan, etc.

all the best,

a fan

John said...

ACC's raid of the Big East was bad karma. The college basketball gods have spoken.