Monday, December 13, 2010

This week's AP ballot

The following is my ballot for this week's (week 6) AP college basketball poll, out today (click here for the published poll).  All feedback is welcomed and considered:

1) Duke
2) Ohio St.
3) Kansas
4) Connecticut
5) Syracuse
6) Tennessee
7) Baylor
8) Kansas St.
9) BYU
10) Pittsburgh
11) Villanova
12) Illinois
13) Missouri
14) San Diego St.
15) Louisville
16) Michigan St.
17) Purdue
18) Kentucky
19) Texas A&M
20) Georgetown
21) Notre Dame
22) Memphis
23) Minnesota
24) Temple
25) Cleveland St.


TS said...

I'm a total homer on this, but BC's 8-2 and 14 in the RPI. And yes, I'm aware that they lost to Yale.

Gunnar said...

I saw Texas A&M over the weekend, they looked deserving of a top-25 pick. Have a look at Washington State, they had a blowout win over Gonzaga last week. WSU could creep into the top-25 with another good week, Klay Thompson may be the best player in the PAC-10 (Mychal Thompson's son).

Glen said...

I just love that you do this - it's great to see the transparency, and that you put an overlooked team in at 25. Maybe Cleveland St. can have the same run that our Big Red enjoyed last year!

Also, not a criticism on their present ranking, given the last couple of weeks, but I'm willing to bet that Michigan St. ends up higher than 16. Never discount Izzo.

Anonymous said...

Here's Feinstein's completely logical voting pattern for Georgetown:

Preseason – Not ranked
Week 2 – Not ranked
Week 3 – #20
Week 4 – #11
Week 5 – #9
Week 6 – #20

He dropped the Hoyas after their first loss, on the road to a tough Temple team that Feinstein had rated as high as #8 earlier in the season. Even more curious, after Temple beat Georgetown, he moved the Owls down on his ballot.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, that as it relates to Georgetown, he of course had Maryland ranked on one of the ballots Georgetown was unranked. That wouldn't be too notable except for the fact that he was the only voter to even rank Maryland!

Here's a topic for a blogpost, John:

Should voters who are clearly biased (evidence by you failing to rank Georgetown when over 55 of 67 voters did and ranking Maryland when not one single other voter did; further evidenced by you slamming Georgetown this week for losing to a team you once had as #8, but are conveniently overlooking because it involves Georgetown) be allowed to vote at all? With that voting record, John, defend your right to be entitled to vote in the AP poll.

Anonymous said...

You folks so worried about his ranking of Georgetown might have a leg to stand on if the overall poll had gtown at 5 instead of 15. And individual ranking of 20 is not even remotely close to indefensible...and if so, what about calling out those that ranked them 10 or higher for being idiots? This argument seems to be about issues from decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Check out #6 Tennessee tonight against Oakland University, featuring one of the country's best big men in 6'11" Keith Benson. The Golden Grizzlies recently lost by 1 to Michigan State and have plenty of Detroit-area talent.

Anonymous said...


For John it appears to be about issues from decades ago.

He's the one who had Temple at #8 when no one else did. To him, there was something about them that was incredible. So, Georgetown loses and suddenly not only is Georgetown not that good (I mean an 11 spot drop for basically losing at a Cameron Indoor-type stadium to, according to Feinstein, what once was the 8th best team in the country?), but Temple isn't that good either? Beating Georgetown made them worse? Even assuming that Georgetown is the 20th ranked team, how does a team ranked below them that wins move down in the rankings?

The only logical explanation would be that according to Feinstein, beating Georgetown wasn't that good a win, which is the argument only someone with an agenda could make.

Your argument that this is some made-up bias by Georgetown fans conveniently ignores the fact that Feinstein didn't even have Georgetown ranked for two consecutive polls when roughly 90% of the other voters did, yet somehow he was THE ONLY VOTER OUT OF 67 to see Maryland as a Top-25 team.

It's not the number that is the issue, but the glaring lack of insight, fairness or accountability that goes into it. How does Feinstein see a bigger drop than 59 out of the 67 voters? Easy, because he wants to see it. Just like he wanted to see Maryland as a Top-25 team when no one else did. Just like he wanted to see Temple as the #8 team in the country until suddenly they beat a Georgetown team, which means they suddenly got worse.

If you bothered to look at the voters, which you clearly didn't, Feinstein was harsher than anyone in the polls on Georgetown for this loss. Two other voters had Georgetown at 20 this week, which is fair considering they only had them at 14 and 17 the week before anyway. The voter at 21 had us at 15. These voters weren't high on us to begin with. So, don't say this is about a grudge we hold, when Feinstein is clearly the one who brings the hammer down any chance he can.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing that I realized:

Feinstein moved Temple up after beating an unranked Maryland team, and moved them down after beating a ranked Georgetown team. That makes perfect sense....

Stick to churning out books from your factory, John.

Paul said...


Thanks for the vote on Cleveland State. I'm not an alum, but I am from Cleveland and it's so good to see them get a vote from a knowledgeable
basketball person. Waters is a great coach. He built the Kent State teams that did so well during the early 2000s, even though he was not there for their Sweet 16 appearance. It was his team though. I don't know what happened at Rutgers, but I think any big time program should give him a shot. Though I hope Michigan fans are not reading this...