Monday, December 6, 2010

This week’s AP Basketball Poll ballot:

Here is this week's submission for the AP always, feedback and comments are welcome:

1) Duke
2) Ohio St.
3) Pittsburgh
4) Kansas
5) Connecticut
6) Kansas St.
7) Syracuse
8) Michigan St.
9) Georgetown
10) Tennessee
11) Baylor
12) Villanova
13) Memphis
14) Illinois
15) San Diego St.
16) Purdue
17) BYU
18) Missouri
19) Notre Dame
20) Louisville
21) Washington
22) UNLV
23) Temple
24) Kentucky
25) Cleveland St. 25


John from Indiana said...

C'mon, no love for Butler? They played the Dukies tough for three quarters, got nothing from the Zebras, and they can't make your top 25? I was far more impressed with their effort than Michigan State's.

DH in DC said...

Anxiously awaiting your post-BCS-announcement thoughts.

Anonymous said...

1. Mizzou loses in OT to Georgetown and loses like 9 slots.
2. Mizzou is ranked higher than Texas Tech and Texas A&M but gets in lower bowl than either because their fans don't travel well and the Texas schools got into Texas bowls.

My home state school seems to be getting a raw deal.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh, John is blogfading!