Thursday, December 2, 2010

This week's radio segments (The Sports Reporters, Tony Kornheiser Show)

Wednesday I joined The Sports Reporters in the normal timeslot (5:25 ET on Wednesday's). Click the permalink, then the link below, to listen to the segment from this week. We briefly discussed the BB&T Classic that is upcoming this weekend before moving on to Ralph Friedgen's situation at Maryland and how it influences the future of the program, conference realignment for TCU  and various other topics.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Sports Reporters

This morning at 11:05 ET, I joined Tony Kornheiser in his newest version of The Tony Kornheiser Show.  This week we talked about the teams that are playing in the BB&T tournament this weekend, Bob Huggins, the Duke basketball team, the BCS and various other topics including the NCAA ruling on Cam Newton.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Tony Kornheiser Show


case said...

i hope you use this blog to address the cam newton decision
methinks the ncaa has found another way to screw tcu

Momus said...

I happened to tune in to your appearance on the Sports Reporters while driving on I-66, and almost drove off the road when they (I'm not sure who actually posed the question) asked you if Maryland had a chance to win a national championship in football. Huh??? Although you were also rather flabergasted to be asked such an asinine question, you correctly pointed out that while it is nice to see the Terps go from 2-10 to 8-4, perhaps they should win an ACC championship (or three) before anyone starts talking about winning national championships.

I ascribe this to something unique about sports coverage in DC, where everything is focused on how soon a particular team can win a title. The Redskins sign a couple of high-priced free agents (or a new coach) in the off-season? I guess we can pencil them in for the next Super Bowl. The Nats are able to draft the two most hyped baseball players in recent years? I guess we'll be seeing them contend for a World Series when Harper joins the big club in 2011. On and on it goes.

Thanks for being a voice of sanity in the face of all of the hyperbole.