Monday, February 21, 2011

This week's AP basketball poll ballot

The following is this week's line-up on my ballot for the week 16 basketball poll:

1)      BYU
2)      San Diego St.
3)      Ohio St.
4)      Duke
5)      Pittsburgh
6)      Kansas
7)      Texas
8)      Purdue
9)      Arizona
10)  North Carolina
11)  Florida
12)  Wisconsin
13)  Notre Dame
14)  Connecticut
15)  Vanderbilt
16)  St. John's
17)  Georgetown
18)  George Mason
19)  Temple
20)  Missouri
21)  Utah St.
22)  Texas A&M
23)  Xavier
24)  Kentucky
25)  Harvard


Anonymous said...

You're not even trying to do a reasonable ballot. It's clear you're trying to make a point of some sort, not figure out who are the 25 best teams in the country this week. About what most of us would expect from you.

charles pierce said...

Come on, John.
I mean, really.

Anonymous said...


Either take this thing seriously or drop out of the voting entirely. This ranking is an embarrassment to the AP poll. Georgetown 17? North Carolina 10? Really? Gee, I wonder which conference you pull for. Total joke.

Anonymous said...


Ricky said...

Rumors are they are going to take away his ballot after this year, maybe they told him and he just doesn't care to put out a reasonable one for the rest of the year.

Waldo Pepper said...

Harvard 25th? It should be no lower than 24th and you know it? What are you, a Yale man?

Momus said...

I too am OUTRAGED at John's ballot, and not just because he has George Mason at #18 (which team has the nation's longest winning streak?). Doesn't he realize the serious ramifications of the ballot, and the DUTY that voters have in making a fair evaluation of all 300+ schools that play D1 basketball. These votes will be used to determine which two teams (from the preferred conferences, of course) play for the national championship, not to mention which programs get to go to the prestigious bowl....okay, maybe these ballots aren't really worth the paper on which they're printed.

Anonymous said...

I used to like John and his work. Something has happened the last few years and I am now turned off by him. Seems bitter. The good about his ballot is that it means ABSOLUTELY nothing. You're becoming Bob Ryan, a bitter old man who thinks things were better back in the day than they are today.

Tim said...

Why is everyone so up in arms over this ballot? There are no great teams, some good teams and a lot of average teams and therefore, basically any ballot works. The most egregious mistake is that BOTH polls have Duke #1...that is where the complaining should be. Both BYU, SDSU, Pitt, OSU, Kansas and a few others have WAY better wins than Duke, and have been challenged many more times than the Hokies.

Most of the Big East teams you can put in a hat and pull out a name each week and put them in different orders and it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

So you're telling me that Syracuse, with more top-25 wins than anybody this season, isn't as worthy as George Mason or Harvard? Really? Really? Surprised you didn't find room for Navy as well. Oh, SU beat St. John's handily in the Garden, but the Johnnies are top-20. You guys with votes need to at least PRETEND you know what you're talking about every so often.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin loses to UNLV and SDSU beats them on their home court. Who's better. Steve Fisher has been trying for years to play better teams, Michigan, OSU, Pitt, UCLA, on a home and home basis. None of them want anything to do with SDSU.
Unlike football, the only thing that matters is making the tournament. Forget the matchups and where you play? It does make a difference but in the end, if you win all of your games you are the National champion. BYU has the most exciting player in the USA this year. That's worth something.

Anonymous said...

maybe John is looking to get "poll attacked" by Parrish:-) Other than dropping 'Cuse completely off and ranking Duke too high it's not all that bad . . .