Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 13 AP ballot:

The following is my ballot for this week's AP basketball poll, which came out yesterday and can be found here:

1)      Ohio St.
2)      Texas
3)      Kansas
4)      Pittsburgh
5)      San Diego St.
6)      BYU
7)      Duke
8)      Notre Dame
9)      Kentucky
10)  Connecticut
11)  Purdue
12)  Louisville
13)  Texas A&M
14)  Villanova
15)  North Carolina
16)  Missouri
17)  Georgetown
18)  Va. Commonwealth
19)  Duquesne
20)  Xavier
21)  Syracuse
22)  Minnesota
23)  Washington
24)  Coastal Carolina
25)  Utah St.


Anonymous said...

are you gonna watch Coastal Carolina play Liberty for the Big South lead this week....

Anonymous said...

I think BYU is ranked too high. Fredette is great. But if a team can put an athletic, bigger man on him, his effectiveness is greatly diminished. Other than Fredette, BYU hasn't got much.

Rich, Denver

Anonymous said...

I've watched BYU a couple of times and got the opposite impression. He lets the game come to him, not really forcing much. He is pretty good passer and he seems to find open men when if the D slows him down. SDSU did try putting one their big athletes on him, and he made them pay for that move. It appeared to me that BYU's issue, down the stretch and into the tourney, will be their lack of size. They have a couple of decent big men in the 6'9" range but not enough of them to compete against some of the large squads they may encounter in the Sweet 16.

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping that you're going to throw in your two cents on the Redskins lawsuit of the City Paper. I know that talking about Dan Snyder is probably detrimental to your health, but I'm dying to hear you put him in his place, yet again. Thanks for your posts and great stories.