Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 17 AP basketball ballot:

The following is my ballot for this weeks AP basketball poll:

1)      BYU
2)      Ohio St.
3)      Kansas
4)      Duke
5)      Notre Dame
6)      Purdue
7)      San Diego St.
8)      North Carolina
9)      Pittsburgh
10)  Texas
11)  Wisconsin
12)  St. John's
13)  Florida
14)  Syracuse
15)  Louisville
16)  George Mason
17)  UCLA
18)  Xavier
19)  Vanderbilt
20)  Connecticut
21)  Villanova
22)  Kentucky
23)  Butler
24)  Georgetown
25)  Long Island U.


MJ said...

John - Why do you not think that Kansas State is not one of the best 25 teams at this time?

max said...

The poll is done after games on Sunday and Kansas State is not ranked in either poll. It is not updated each day, just once a week.

Mike Z said...

Hi John-just curious-was that you at J Alexander in Florida this evening? My wife and in-laws and myself were at the table right in front of you. All the best to a great writer!

Anonymous said...


I miss your blog. It used to be required reading, much like your love for a physical newspaper everyday. Alas, we're lucky if we get one post a week from you (I don't check the site once a day to see your AP Poll ballot). I'm not mad at you like a Georgetown or Tiger fan, but I think I speak for many when I say we are a little disapointed.

Tim said...

To piggyback on topic of how much you do or don't take on it is that this is your blog, not some media entity's, and anything I get from here is gravy. So, thanks for writing 1 day or 6 days a week. One thing I do agree with is this -- its unique and a great read, no matter the topic.

Keep up the great work.

Mr. X said...

Hey, this blog is now iPad friendly! Nice.

For those who don't follow closely, John and has wife have a newborn daughter. I give him a pass for not posting so much, in addition to his WaPo duties.