Thursday, October 13, 2011

This week's radio segments (The Mike Wise Show, The Gas Man, The Sports Junkies)

Here is the link to this week's radio segments, including the new continuing appearance on The Mike Wise Show and The Sports Junkies. Click the permalink below, then the link to the audio links, for the newest available interviews.

Wednesday I joined The Mike Wise Show in my weekly spot at 11am. We spent much of this segment discussing the Washington Capitals in regards to what the team goals could be, and took at look at the pressure on Bruce Boudreau.   Then we moved on to baseball and the turmoil going on with the Boston Red Sox, which leads to opinions of the Cubs hiring of Theo Epstein, then finished up on talk about the Eagles' struggles and the Maryland football outlook.

Click here to listen to the segment: The Mike Wise Show


I joined The Gas Man, out of Seattle, for my weekly spot at 5:35 PT.  On a somewhat sore subject, we started out talking about the NBA, David Stern and the lockout situation. We followed that up discussing Steve Spurrier and what is happening at South Carolina this week, and finished off discussing the comments coming out of Boston College about ACC expansion.

Click here for the audio: The Gas Man


Last Friday I joined The Sports Junkies in my normal slot. This segment we spoke about Tiger Woods and his continued lackluster play and discuss why he doesn't play more before moving into talk about the Tigers and Jim Leland then finished off discussing Skip Bayless and ESPN with Chris Cooley.

Click here for the audio: The Sports Junkies


ruffin said...

Okay, wait.

On Gas Man. Stern can't say that NBA owners are losing money each time they lose a game and say, like Leonsis, that you'd lose more money if folks were playing.

How many syllogistic fallacies can we pack into one comment? Well, at least two.

1.) The NBA as a whole can lose money even if a subset of it -- the Wizards, in this case -- saves some at the same time. The Busses might not be too happy with this. Stern might be humoring them.

2.) You can be losing money across the board and be losing more money with each missed game. Perhaps the games make more money than they take to put on, considering sunk costs, like leasing an arena. I'm not sure how that works city to city, but I'm sure it's happening.

For some reason Kornheiser doesn't get 2.) either.

3.) Perhaps Stern (and he'd do this) is saying that they're losing money assuming that you're using the owner's proffered deal. That's typical Stern spin. He drove me crazy on Bill Simmons' podcast last time. Bill seemed a little intimidated for some reason.

So let's stop with this. You can have it both ways. Some owners are losing money now. Some could be losing MORE money than they already were by having sunk costs and not having games. And Stern could be spinning things like he normally does.

You're smart, Feinstein. Don't take talking points from talking heads. Help your audience be a little smarter, you know?

Mr. X said...

Tony has often given you a hard time about eating all the pizza at the Washington Post. Today, however, it seems Andy F. Polley has driven TK to new heights of irritability for not letting him dig into the free food first. Do you think you'll add TK's foot fetish in your next book?