Monday, October 31, 2011

Washington Post column: Maryland football's accountability needs to start at the top

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Let’s give credit where credit is due: Maryland football coach Randy Edsall is learning.

“Ultimately,” he said Saturday after the Terrapins’ latest embarrassing loss. “I am the guy who is responsible for this.”

If his team isn’t progressing on the field, at least Edsall is making some slow progress off the field.

Someday, Maryland fans may look back at the miserable scene that unfolded inside Byrd Stadium two days before Halloween 2011 and talk about the 28-17 loss to Boston College as the moment when the football program hit rock bottom before its turnaround began. Of course, a lot of people thought the 38-7 loss to Temple in September was that moment.

Temple is a much better football team than Boston College. The Eagles are flat-out bad, a team that hadn’t beaten a Football Bowl Subdivision team all season and had lost at home a few weeks back to Duke.

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Anonymous said...

MD fired Ralph Friedgen a vear too late, as the 9-4 record versus dismal opposition was misleading to many. Further, the hiring of a relatively unknown Randy Edsall after much more compelling flirtation with Mike Leach came as a letdown for most fans.

To be certain, MD is much better positioned in basketball than it is in football. The recruiting base is much more fertile on the side of basketball, and just as importantly there is tradition in that sport. Anyone that's been to a football game at Oklahoma, OSU, Alabama and the like knows this is not big-time football at MD, nor is it unusual for the coach to have an ego.

But at those schools, the head coach MUST win, and right away! Just ask Howard Schnelleberger. Edsall will be given time. It's a money thing.

Anonymous said...

The media continues to say that Tom Coughlin coached Randy Edsall. What is the basis for this? Randy Edsall "played" at Syracuse University. Tom Coughlin was never the head coach at Syracuse. Which brings me to my second point, though Randy Edsall was on the Syracuse team, he never played (he only earned one varsity letter). To this later point, the media continues to say that Edsall played quarterback at Syracuse giving the impression that he actually got off the bench. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The media continues to state the following:

(1) Randy Edsall played for Tom Coughlin.

(2) Randy Edsall played quarterback at Syracuse.

To the first point, what is the basis for this? Tom Coughlin was never the head coach at Syracuse (where Randy Edsall went to school).

To the second point, Randy Edsall was a back-up quarterback that never got off the bench (he received one varsity letter). Based the continued mention of his Syracuse quarterback experience you would think he would be compared to McNabb?!?!

Thanks. Go 'Cuse.

Anonymous said...

Tom Coughlin was the QB coach and offensive coordinator at Syracuse. While I don't usually defend the press that would seem to make the statement "Randy Edsall played for Tom Coughlin" correct.

Mr. X said...


Which story would you rather break:
How Auburn was able to hide its payment to Cecil Newton, or how ESPN forced Maryland to NOT hire Leach?