Monday, October 3, 2011

Washington Post column: College Football Points and Views

Here is the newest weekly article on college football for The Washington Post ----

The college football regular season inched past the one-third mark on Saturday — five weeks down, nine to go before the Bogus Championship Series announces its matchups — and, while a number of questions have been answered, there are many more that no doubt will keep people glued to their seats or their TV sets between now and Dec. 4.

Here are some of the questions and answers, although many of the answers are still incomplete.

Question: Can Virginia Tech backdoor its way into the so-called national championship game courtesy of a soft nonconference schedule and being part of the ACC — which, if it were a baseball player, would have been nicknamed “Mr. August” by the late George M. Steinbrenner because that’s when ACC football traditionally has its best moments.
Answer: No. You don’t just replace a quarterback like Tyrod Taylor without some hiccups, and the Hokies’ offense was exposed by Clemson on Saturday. The special teams mistakes were surprising, but the biggest issue was the complete inability of the offense to get anything done. The Hokies might still end up in the ACC championship game but that’s a little bit like making the NBA or NHL playoffs for them. Yawn.

Question: Will North Carolina State Coach Tom O’Brien be at the very top of Wisconsin Coach Bret Bielema’s Christmas card list?

Answer: He should be. To be fair to O’Brien, he was in a tough position last spring when quarterback Russell Wilson told him he planned to skip spring practice to play baseball and was not sure he would return to football in the fall if he had a good summer playing in the Colorado Rockies’ farm system. O’Brien was caught in the middle because his other experienced quarterback, Mike Glennon, had told him he probably wouldn’t return to be Wilson’s backup.

O’Brien named Glennon his starter and Wilson left. He hit .228 in the low minors and landed at Wisconsin, where he was eligible right away because he had his undergraduate degree. Voila!—the Badgers are legitimate national contenders and Wilson is a Heisman Trophy candidate. Their toughest remaining game in the regular season should be at Ohio State, but the Buckeyes aren’t exactly the Buckeyes this year. They’ve already been tattooed with losses twice. (Sorry.)

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Anonymous said...

Who in the world came up with these questions for the column? Leading off with is VT still capable of the BS Title...can't believe someone would actually ask that after Saturday night. You should blame it on an editor somewhere...

Michael said...

On another ESPN-related subject, what do they see in Bill Simmons that I don't? I read some of his columns on and they were alright, but what makes him better than about 30 (or so) other bloggers? ESPN seems to be bending over backwards for him.

He's on "Pardon the Interruption" all the time, he was in 3 of the "30 for 30" documentaries, and they gave him his his own website. I don't understand it. He's okay, but they treat him like a combination of Bob Woodward and Edward R. Murrow.

I don't get ESPN's fascination with him.

Ben from Indiana said...

Simmons introduced the idea, and produces ESPN's 30 for 30. He also has 2 best sellers (The Book of Basketball I highly enjoy). He also has a podcast that is very popular. I like reading John's stuff more, but Bill is a very entertaining writer in my opinion.

I would also give him credit for being critical of ESPN at times, unlike some of his colleagues would ever do.

After watching them tear a good Nebraska team to shreds, Wisconsin looks like National Title team to me. That 0-line is so big and are just horses...

So I wonder if Gordon Gee's Buckeyes could defeat the so called 'little sisters of the poor' right now. With a 3-2 record and games against a pissed off Nebraska team next week, then a ranked Illinois team, said Wisconsin team, and ending the year in the Big House, O$U may go 6-6 and only get into the esteemed BBVA Compass Bowl or Bowl.

Can't say I feel very sorry for him ...