Tuesday, December 1, 2009

John's Monday Washington Post Article:

Here is this weeks column from The Washington Post -----

Most very successful people, particularly athletes, have one trait in common: the desire to control everyone and everything around them.
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There is no better example of this than Tiger Woods. No one on Team Tiger speaks for or about him except in the form of an occasional statement made on his Web site. Woods himself rarely speaks publicly on any subject other than birdies, bogeys or a product he's promoting, his charity foundation being one of them. About the only times Woods shows his true feelings is on the golf course: a fist pump after making an important putt or a club slam after hitting a wayward shot. It is not an accident that he named his 155-foot yacht "Privacy."

Perhaps no mega-star athlete in history has done a better job of keeping his private life under tight control. Six years ago, when his intention to ask Elin Nordegren to marry him was leaked 48 hours in advance, Woods was furious. There have been few such breakdowns since. 

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Gordon said...

Clearly I was misinformed yesterday when I stated that Tiger had to answer to the Florida Highway Patrol. Let me the rephrase it to say he should answer any questions they may have. At the very least he should state that he will not answer any questions they have rather than attempting to delay the questioning. Perception is reality and the "stonewalling" just looks bad.

Fact is Tiger IS NOT you or me. He is Eldrick "Tiger" Woods a multi-million dollar brand. He is and was smart enough to know what he was signing up for when he and Nike "branded" him. As such he does need to make some kind of public statement that answers most , if not all, of the questions.

That's not what he has to to but it certainly what he SHOULD do. That done it will go away.

What is so amazing about this all is how poorly "Team Tiger" has handled it. Tiger really didn't lose control as much as he gave away control. Had he gotten out in front of it this story could have been "on life support" by now. And ducking the Chevron this weekend doesn't make it any better. He could have spent a few days, uncomfortable days to be sure, putting and end to it. He could have all but disappeared before returning in 2010 for his all out assault on Jacks record.

Erik J. Barzeski said...

Gordon, no, he doesn't "need" to do that.

And I think it's pretty clear to the FHP that he "will not answer any questions they have." They aren't under some delusion that he's still just "delaying."

You and I have different perceptions. The story will flare up again with this supposed Us Weekly thing, and if that's all that comes from it, it'll be dead in a week. Too many other celebs and politicians are doing too many things for this to remain on top for long.

Vince Spence said...

I thought for certain I would come across countless cases of the media crying that Tiger gave up all "expectation for privacy when he signed the Nike deal in '96". But, I haven't.

Even you have a reasonable approach to the situation. Tiger, you don't have to tell them everything, just tell them something.

Originally, I wanted him to tell everyone to pound sand. I still feel he owes me nothing as a fan, but I do not want to be distracted all of 2010 if he maintains his current position.