Monday, December 21, 2009

This week's Washington Post column:

The following is this weeks article for The Washington Post -----------

While most people who didn't have to be outside were content to watch it snow Saturday, Rob Ades got in his car and attempted to drive from his home in the Watergate to Baltimore: to see the Loyola basketball team play Howard.

Ades makes his living as a union lawyer. He represents, among others, the DC police and whenever there is a shooting involving a police officer in the District, Ades is called to the scene, regardless of the hour of the day or night.

But his true love is basketball, especially the college game. So more as a sidelight than anything else, Ades has represented various coaches though the years. Some have been big names: Gary Williams, Jim Boeheim, Digger Phelps, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Jarvis, Leonard Hamilton. Of all the coaches Ades has represented, he is closest to Jimmy Patsos, the former Maryland assistant who is in his sixth season at Loyola.

Click here for the rest of the column: Union lawyer Rob Ades is a true college basketball fan, case closed


ARCstats said...

Sorry for the a comment on last Thursday's column regarding Tiger posted to the story on Mr Ades, but I figured this location was a "great opprotunity" for exposure (and besides I just read it).

Golf fans referenced by Mr Hannigan have had to endure Tiger being crammed down our throats for the past 14 years. In virually every event Tiger played in, it was all about him, whether leading or 10 shots back. The term "TIGER TV" became common golf protocol.

For you to claim you're sick of the story/coverage is simply idiotic. Who knows where this story goes and where it might end? It could be just in the early stages. The next piece of news has the possiblity of becoming an entire new set of issues - and who knows what that could be? Did anyone think his little accident would explode into this? Of course not. Imagine if media types like you took this attitude over Watergate 39 years ago (I'd argue more people are interested in Tiger than Nixon's little gaff).

The fact that Tiger has gone underground should lead any logical thinking person to believe the entire story has not been told.

So please - maintain your interest, get over the family hurt (it happens to countless folks everyday), and continue to think out loud as the story evolves.

Also have you noticed that in all of The Golf Channel's promos for the 2010, not a single mention or piece of video of Tiger? Suddenly they have realized there are others out there playing on tour. What a crock. I guess this is yet another unintended consequence of the PC world we live in.

Gordon said...


FYI Speaking for those of us from western New York who visit The DC area on a regular basis we don't think the beltway is all that easy either. Buffalo is actually pretty easy to get around and is especially beautiful in the summer.

J.C. said...

Why is this a story? It's newsworthy that a lawyer also likes college basketball? I could give a crap. Why is it newsworthy that a union lawyer likes sports? You must be desperate. No wonder the newspaper industry is dying, and honestly, good riddance. Excellent investigative, hard-hitting journalism right here!!!